Leaving the BI field

Hi all, can anybody provide insight on transitioning out of the BI field into another career? There are a few places hiring security admin (DOD security tasks, NISPOM compliance, JPAS, etc) type jobs nearby. I was wondering if anybody has gone that direction and felt happy with the decision to put the BI life in the past.

Definitely go into industrial security or personnel security. Better pay, better hours.

I was part of the final layoff at GDIT when they decided to not renew the contract. Went the route of 1099…but made poverty level money so I was collecting unemployment alongside the “income.” I started looking nationwide…not what I wanted to do but more what I had to do. I applied to several security related positions with government contractors and received several job offers out of state. Covid was at its height so I declined, but finally realized I needed to bite the bullet. When I received another job offer I accepted and moved over a 1000 miles away. It is a security related position with a specialized military unit and I am involved in Personnel, information and physical security along with document control. To say I make substantially more than I did after close to 2 decades conducting BI’s would be a vast understatement. It is a continual learning process, but it opens a lot of new doors once you get into the field. I have already had recruiters contact me and I have been in the field for less than a year. Stress…what stress? I can only speak to my specific position though so other similar positions to mine in different locations might not be the same. The best advice I can give is be willing to relocate.


Have you reviewed the other threads on here that cover this topic? There was some good information posted by a number of users.