Exiting BI world post-COVID

I’ve determined it’s time to develop an exit plan from the BI world. I’m already filing for partial unemployment (had 10 hours of work total last week). The company isn’t doing furloughs or laying people off (the less investigators we have, the less work the company gets). Having to work exclusively from home means no mileage reimbursement which is a good source of income. And with the company’s assignment strategy, if you have one bad month, you might not get much work the next and not really have a chance to improve. Unfortunately, this is a terrible time to start looking for a new job. At this point I’m planning to stay where I am, collect unemployment when necessary, and then start looking once things start to return to “normal”. It’s hard to continue to do that from a morale standpoint when it’s apparent the company has no concern for the FI. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. Is everyone else just waiting or have you started looking?


I think the most relevant thread on this topic is “Moving on from FI”, though there have been lots of other comments about most people looking to get out (and finding other sources of income). Seems like a lot of it depends on where you are living/willing to live once this is over. Very interesting point about keeping us hanging around to get more work assigned - I do remember that USIS was big on having X # of Sr. Investigators and X# of investigators to help them with their EEO qualifications. While that is probably more relevant at re-bid time, it does make sense now in this “fill us to capacity” situation (and then only give certain BIs work) that they will keep us around as long needed for headcount. Good luck!

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I saw a commercial that Dominos is hiring.

Sage advise coming from someone that can’t be fired, has guaranteed step increases and automatic pay raises who has a smaller caseload, less reopens and easier metrics while getting paid 40% more than your contractor FTE.


Oh lookie, more sour grapes. Come on over to the fed side, it is all ivory tower and glamour here. You even get a gold badge! You’ll love it! Lol

Or just continue to hate your life, cry and whine on an anonymous message board.

Whatever is easier.

I’ve applied, had interviews and gotten and offer during covid. I also have training someone at my current job during covid(virtually). I would encourage you to star looking now. If you want to go into a particular field, brush up on skills. IT is a really good field to go into depending on your area.

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Someone forgot to take their nice pills…again!

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Not my problem if people can’t take a joke.

Plus Dominos is pretty good.

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So did you have a ticket into the “clubhouse” in order to get the interview/offer? The jobs on USA jobs almost always have preference status - VA or something like that.

I have no wish to complain- grateful to have a job. I don’t care for the current company and would love to move on into a fed position - not sure that’s possible without that specialized group ticket- a coveted preference.

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Love me some spicy nacho Doritos for tak-co salad.

Please don’t presume how I live my life. It is just another example of your arrogant and condescending attitude. I am fortunate that I had spent many years in an exciting and rewarding law enforcement career that required real investigative skills. I have a great deal of sympathy towards those that are hurting because of the changes that have happened to this industry that have been out of their control. Have some consideration for those that have depended on their jobs to support their families. They are as dedicated and conscientious as anyone holding a gold badge.
And don’t assume that I don’t have one too.