CBD without THC

I searched and found an old thread about CBD oils that had minimal amount of THC and LOTS of debate about the Farm bill back in 2019. That’s all great, my question is, what about CBD oils that don’t contain any THC? I’m in Texas, and there is a growing market of CBD products that are “THC free”. Any idea the current policy might be on CBD oils? TYIA…

It is still considered an illicit drug by DOD. "The use of products made or derived from hemp (as defined in 7 USC. 1639o) … regardless of the product’s THC concentration, claimed or actual, and regardless of whether such product may lawfully be bought, sold and used under the law applicable to civilians, is prohibited.”

You run the risk of testing positive during a random drug screen. Are you totally confident in that statement that some product is 100% THC free? It is my understanding that one of the reasons all these CBD products remain on the prohibited list is that most drug screens can’t tell the difference. The “C” in CBD stands for Cannabis (or some variant of it) so that’s the problem. And that’s in addition to the points that @velcroTech makes.

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like it’s best to keep distance from anything CBD unless the policy/ laws change down the road…


I’d stay away until fed policy catches up with reality or comes 10 years closer anyway. The states are cashing in. Social mores changed. But until the Feds catch up…its best to use blue emu cream instead