Use of CBD, Hemp products permitted for clearance holders?

Does anyone know whether or not use/consumption of CBD and hemp products is permissible for federal security clearance holders? Thanks!

A simple search and voila!


Interesting, I did not realize those products were “Schedule 1.” I thought the problem was that drug screening really could not distinguish between CBD products and “other” forms of marijuana. Which would definitely be the case if CBD oils/creams/etc could potentially contain up to 7% THC.


This is strictly anecdotal, so take it how you want. I have a family member who has diabetes and goes through pain management. She also has foot massages once per week. Her massage therapist used CBD cream, and when the family member went to pain management, they detected THC in her blood. She is in her 60s and has not ever used any kind of drugs, outside of her teen years. There seemed to be no explanation, other than the CBD cream.


We are seeing a sea change in how America views THC. Laws changing all over. We can expect the feds to move at the speed of bureaucracy. Which is to say…almost imperceptibly. THC, Cannabis and MJ…is like the wild west right now. Some products reveal next to none, others higher than claimed. My mom. 81 years young uses it, swears by it. You would be the rare case if testing positive you prove it was unknown from a supplement. I have seen a CMSGT beat a charge in the Air Force. Highly motivated, ripped, buff…on fire for the Air Force. Then they decided to courts martial him. He won…but they broke his heart and spirit. He proved it came from a supplement bar and was unknowingly ingested. I predict 99.999% will fail if they believe they can win under same circumstances.

Highly recommend staying far away. And always verify what treats you are given. More and more show up in food and snacks every day.

Strongly agree about your point that CBD and associated products can show up in unexpected foods/drink! I fortunately avoided it even prior to pursuing federal employment because the effects are unknown/I think it’s snake oil, but it was honestly a little challenging, especially hanging out at “hip” places. I saw an entire display of donuts, for example, that had a tiny little sign that certain colored ones contained CBD. I am now even more careful because I would NOT want to have to report ingestion of CBD-containing food!

I’ve posted pretty strong and consistent on this topic. As more states open up laws their products travel…easy to see some wiseguy bringing in for a luncheon just to see what happens. I think the adjudicators will see more and more of this. I interviewed a collegiate athlete for a position and she was quite convincing in her “my body a temple” but she claimed unknowingly ingesting at a gathering, because she no idea she was “high” to her she knew she was off kilter…nauseated. Her friend revealed it was cannabis laced. Needless to say they are no longer friends. But I encouraged her to speak to it on her SF86.

There is no specific guidance or policy you cannot use it. However, because the product is not regulated you cannot be sure that there is no THC in it, so it is discouraged for now. There will likely be guidance on this in the future.

Has anyone received guidance on what “consumption” constitutes in regard to CBD oil being rubbed on the skin? Is rubbing on the skin consumption? Consumption on the SF86 is defined pretty specifically in the verbage (snorting, inhaling, ingesting, etc. )and does not seem to infer that skin usage qualifies.

In the military, we were told no use at all. Cannot rub it on your skin or smoke, inhale, ingest, probably not even a good idea to wear clothes made of hemp, lol.

In fact, you were not even allowed to have it on the base…

I would stay away. Quibbling won’t be adjudicated in your favor. Sooner or later the fed has to resist policies as states drop prohibitions. Just a matter of catching up. The fed is notoriously behind the curve.

ODNI published a recent memo stating marijuana and CBD oil use should not be considered as automatically disqualifying, Adjudicators are to look at factors such as recency, purpose, legality, and intended future use in making their determination. That being said, if you use CBD products and come up hot on a drug test it will be on you to explain why and it may not turn out in your favor.

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No doubt that memo applies to individuals seeking their first clearance and not those who are currently cleared, and who have been reminded (repeatedly) to avoid these products.

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I figured, and often posted, the feds would need to address. So many snacks, supplements etc now contain it…salves for pain too. If military recruiting is a harbinger for getting quality people…I imagine even feds beginning to see less folks interested in their work too. Rules are changing in other areas of military in order to attract current cultural generation. So too the feds as annual retirements start emptying ranks of boomer generation.

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