Is hemp milk allowed?

Hemp-derived products, not talking about CBD oil, are they allowed?

I bought a chocolate cake from a vegan marketplace and took a couple of bites before checking out the ingredients. Saw it was made with hemp milk and threw it out but now I’m questioning are those products allowed? Not questioning legality because hemp is legal, wondering if federal employees can ingest those products.

The problem is that it is impossible to know how much, if any, THC may be in any particular CBD or other hemp derived product. CBD for example is supposed to have NO THC whatever, but poor manufacturing processes have resulted in products as high as 2%.

I would say that you made an unwitting error but I wouldn’t worry about it.

Q: How can you tell that someone is a vegan?
A: You don’t have to. They will tell you.


Hemp Milk is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant. It is impossible for it to contain any THC. Use whatever caution you would like but there is no way to get high off of cannabis seeds.

CBD is still a no go for clearance holders. As for other hemp derived products, I guess if they’re made from the plant/flower there’s a risk. In this particular instance though regarding hemp milk, that’s from seeds so it’s ok.

Yes . . . There’s not supposed to be any THC in the seeds. That would be great if all of the products on the market are manufactured in plants that hold high enough standards to make sure that only seeds end up in the end product.

The problem is lax standards and methods. The husks of the seeds can contain THC and separation of the needs may, or may not be done well. This is what I said above. You don’t know and have to be careful. You’re not going to get high from hemp milk or CBD from that doesn’t mean that it’s all clean.

In 2014 the Army told members that they were not to drink hemp milk. I don’t know if this ban is still in place but it shows that the question isn’t simple for clearance holders.

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It’s almost like the government should legalize it so they can regulate it.