CC Charge Off Impact

Hi - I am about to start the security clearance process. I was told I would need a public trust or secret. I was going through my credit report and I have a $300 charge off from a CC back in 2019. I’ve tried to reach out to the OC and they have no record of me or who they sold the debt to. All 3 credit reports don’t list the debt collector it was sold to making it difficult to track who to settle this with. Does anyone know of the appropriate next step or whether this would impact my eligibility? I’ve had a clean track record for payments since then with only one 30 day late payment on another card.

A public trust and a secret clearance are completely different, they do not even use the same questionnaire. A public trust uses a SF85 and a secret uses a SF86.

Now regarding the account. It will be on your credit report, that’s how your investigator will know about it. Instead of looking at your credit with an app, run a full credit report (you can get one free one every year.) Then look for accounts you don’t recognize like Accenture Solutions for example and any accounts that have derogatory information. That will be the collection agency. Then you can Google their contact information.

I did pull my credit report and there is no other account listed unfortunately.

Just report all this info during the interview if you even have one— not likely unless you have some other issues. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this.