Public trust clearance with $25k credit card debt


Hi, I got selected for a public sector project and asking me to fill OF306 and then after SF85p. I have credit card debt $25k and $10k personal loan and $22k car lone. But I am up to date on all my payments on personal lone and car lone. And also paying credit card bills more than minimum payment. Never missed any bills. And since last 1 week I have payed $14 payments to credit card debt. Now I have $11k current credit card balance. My yearly salary is $125k.

Please help me to understand, Can I get clearence OF 306 and sf85p? Or by credit card balance will be an issue to get clearance?


There should be no issues. The issues occur when there are delinquencies. It does not appear you are living outside of your means.


Great salary, serviced debt. No issues.


Thank you so much, could you please tell me , how long OF 306 process will take. And what they will check under OF 306?


Is your clearance done?