DHS - Public Trust (Financials)

I accepted a job offer (Contract Instructional Designer) with ICE; of course contingent upon obtaining a public trust. I worked for the same consulting firm and ICE in 2007-2008…high risk public trust approved with no issues. I planned to put all of this on the SF85P, but I am worried about the financial issues listed below:

4/2017 - $6300 Collection (personal loan) - made payment arrangement yesterday
4/2017 - $3400 Collection (personal loan) - will contact them on Monday
Since they were added to my report in April are they still considered 180 delinquent?

2007 - $4000 balance - will call for payment arrangement
2014 - didn’t file
2015 - didn’t file
2016 - $2400 balance - will call for payment arrangement

Other than the collections, I also have two 30-day late payments on credit cards (one from 5/2015 and one from last month), but my score is trashed because most of my credit cards are maxed or over the limit.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The real issue with the finances are not the amounts, but rather what caused the delinquencies as well as why you waited until you had to fill out the public trust application form before you started to take any actions to resolve them. The more serious issue at hand is your failure to file taxes as required. That shows a disregard for the law and casts doubt on your trustworthiness. You should probably be prepared to receive a letter of interrogatory once the investigation is done asking about these issues,

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I got the loans for my sister, she stopped paying them in April, they were never on my credit report befote then.

I was between homes in both Spring of 14 and 15 and missed the efile dates, then kept forgetting to print them out, no printer ink, etc…I just need to print them and send them.

Should I mention the unfiled returns on the sp85p? I was told to be honest about everything…but only answer the questions that are asked.

22b on the SF-85P and #13 on the OF-306 ask if you are delinquent on any Federal debt. Regardless of whether or not you owe any taxes, you are delinquent in your obligation to file taxes, therefore the correct answer is yes to both questions.

Thank you Marko.

Yesterday, I filled out the eQuip worksheet and today I spoke with an IRS agent, sent my 2014 & 2015 tax returns, and requested a payment arrangement for 2007 and 2016. Hopefully by the time I complete my eQuip, my tax returns will have been received. I am contacting my references to make sure I have their correct addresses etc.

As advised, I answered yes to both questions and I didn’t hear back until today. I received notification from FedEx that a delivery from DHS arrives tomorrow requiring signature.

What could it be?

I received the package a few weeks ago and sent a detailed statement and proof of payment arrangements and payments so far. I called the SO today and he said that his supervisor was reviewing my documentation and a decision would be made and forwarded to my Contract Officer and the hiring would notify me of the status. Does anyone know how long it might be now? I haven’t been interviewed and none of my references have been contacted. Could I be denied now and they won’t even start the BI?

Did you get approved or denied?

Early October, I received a letter from the SO saying I would be allowed to start work, but they may check in on my progress. I started work Oct 27 and sat for the personal interview Nov 7. My references still havent been contacted…I have been working for over a year now. I hope this helps.

so with all that going on you cleared? wow!

Yes. I filed the returns, set up an installment agreement for all years and paid off the collections.

That is very encouraging. Thank you for your response.

If a case has been expunged. Do you still answer yes to the question if you have ever been arrested before in your e-wipe form for public trust clearance

You answer yes, regardless if it was expunged. The question is ever.

Expunged records often still leave footprints…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had angry Subjects yell at me when I confront them with information from “expunged” records/incidents.

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