Finance Questions

I am getting a public trust clearance. About 3 years ago I cleaned up my credit and I no longer have anything negative on my report. At one point o had a tax lien but challenged it and it was removed because I should proof that it wasn’t valid. Do I still need to disclose the tax lien or any other credit issues if they are not listed on any of my credit reports?

Yes. Most questions require reporting regardless of the outcome. The best intent when completing your questionnaire is… no surprises.

Report the incidents. The form will ask you for the outcome. Provide the information you have, even do some research, to help with your “issue resolution”.

SF-85P Public Trust Positions

Section 24. Read it carefully. The questionnaire provides explicit instructions how to report information and answer the questions.

Question: let’s say you already have a clearance and while you have some debt it’s paid on time every month and nothing is past due. Not with that said you have a decent salary and you decide to finance on a vehicle. So putting all of that into consideration and everything being paid monthly and up to date does that fall into a category or having to many accounts open or to high of a balance? I guess I don’t know if there is a cap on how much you can borrow if things come up but can afford to pay it off.

You’re reading too much into it.

The scenario you’re describing is something a loan officer would consider.

Security specialists want to know if you’ve ever been delinquent, for how long to how much, and what did you do (or not do) to resolve those delinquent accounts.

The criteria is all in the questionnaire. Read it thoroughly.


Some IC and other agency positions require an income to debt ratio report and/or annual financial report. You would know about those. As Harpoon says, don’t worry too much about the “what ifs”.


Thank you both for responses!

Yes. The question that applies is:

In the last seven (7) years, you had a lien placed against your property for failing to pay taxes or other debts. (Include financial obligations for which you were the sole debtor, as well as those for which you were a cosigner or guarantor).

Even if the lien was incorrectly placed against you it was placed against you… Once you say yes to this question you will add further information about the matter and can add a comment if you like.