Credit affecting Public Trust Clearance

I left my last job on 5/31/17 due to budg cuts, and had a Public Trust Sec Clearance. I have been offered a new job that also requires a Public Trust Clearance. Should I be concerned about a new investigation because one credit report list 750 and the other credit report has me listed at 696 due to an outstanding debt that I co-signed for, even though they have an agreement and are doing monthly payments. Should I hastily pay off the debt to avoid any issues, or am I being overly concerned and it wont be an issue. Or, will all of this be mute, and the Public Trust that I’ve had from my 5/31/17 job will be used, and just supersede everything. Please and thank you…

If the one delinquent debt is it then you have no need to worry. Regarding the public trust, if the last one was done within the past 5 years and is at the same level needed for the new job you should not need to undergo a new investigation. If you have a moderate risk PT and the position is high risk then you will need an upgrade.

Thanks. But do they check your credit report for a public trust clearance. And do the check all three agencies?

Yes, they use a report called a tri-merge which incorporates data from all three credit bureaus.

Your score doesn’t matter necessarily, mine was much lower than yours. You are making payments toward your debts, you are fine.

One more question. They have a payment plan in place. And you say there’s no worry. However, is there even a tiny percentage chance of this delinquency on my report getting in the way and to play it safe I should just pay it off. Or you are saying pretty much 100% no worries.

The adjudicator who has the completed investigation is the only one who can say with 100% certainty. If that is the only issue then you need not be concerned.