CE/CV for a secret clearance

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Do you know if random interviews with people are conducted as part of the continuous evaluation/continuous vetting program for people in the military with a secret level clearance? Thank you

This is a good question… my understanding is that the CE/CV process involves automated checks and if something is found, they do an investigation… but would the subject be notified at that point? Would a person be notified before any field work was started? I got the impression that the first step would be contacting the cleared individual to get their side of the story, but this is all still pretty new to me.

Welcome to CE/CV, all Subject Interviews, all the time.

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Are subject interviews under CE/CV only conducted for those with TS+ or is it extended to secret clearance holders?

A Subject interview can be conducted for any clearance holder.

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Yes, that is a good clarification, thanks! Certainly investigators have the right to initiate an interview with whenever they need to. Though for the purposes of CV/CE, I’ve heard that they’d usually only do a subject/reference interview if something is flagged during an automated records check — least for someone with a secret and below, considering many with those clearances never have anyone contact them or people they know during the investigation processes. Do you know if this is true?

I thought you guys were probably getting all the clean T5s T4s and contractors were the clean up crew.

That would be great.

Investigators do not initiate Subject interviews - there has to be a reason/cause for the interview.


Thank you! I guess my overall question is: Will T3 and below holders see random (ie no “reason,” just by lottery) subject interviews (either themselves or references) conducted under CE/CV? Or, rather, would such interviews only be conducted if there is something flagged in a record check and needs clarification? Thanks!

My understanding is that if someone is in CE/CV and something is flagged, the agency can try to resolve the issue or they can request a RSI. This would apply to both secret clearances and top secret clearances. I’m still trying to get a handle on CE/CV myself but that’s what I’ve heard.

Again, there are no random/no reason Subject interviews. They are conducted to give the Subject the chance to explain/provide information/or clarify information.

A Subject interview could be scheduled under CE/CV if you did not report an issue/incident that you were required to report, for example.

Hi team. If anyone here has already request a copy of their complete background investigation from OPM.?If yes can u please describe how it looks like? I want know what to expect plz.