Adjudication but no subject interview

I was informed today by my security officer that my BI is closed and now in adjudication, but I never had a subject interview… I’m wondering how “normal” this is?.. I was under the impression all people have a subject interview with an investigator… for reference, I am seeking a secrete clearance with the DoD… seems not normal to me, but maybe this means I will get a clearance quicker? Idk… thanks!

There was some talk of requiring a subject interview for all secret clearances but I don’t think that came to pass. Maybe now that the backlog has been cut down to size. But no, it is not unusual that a BI for secret would not include a subject interview.

Appreciate the insight, thanks!

From what I’ve experienced, aside from situations that include pollys, most subject interviews are triggered (not automatic) by issues listed or developed which create flags that need to be resolved.

Trigger examples: foreign connections, employment issues, drug/alcohol issues, police record problems, and financial concerns.

Each issue involved needs resolution with info provided by Subject then cooperated by sources or records.

These days, especially with young kids that don’t have an understanding of why certain behavior or endeavors are questionable, issue resolution is the bulk of an investigators job. Few and far between is the unusual subject interview with no issues.

Be thrilled you didn’t have one. That success is rare!

All TS/Tier5 investigations require SI. the ones that are triggered are the ESI. Secret don’t require SI but like you said can have an ESI