TSO and interview with investigator?

So I have been working with the TSO for over a month now, which made me think I passed everything that needed to be passed. I got an email from Perspecta stating an investigator is being assign to me for an interview. This surprised me since I thought I was passed that since I am now working for the TSO.
Has anyone heard about a TSO needing an interview?
If this is headed of I already know the reason why I would need to talk to an investigator, but for this job I didn’t think it was necessary

TSO’s often (like every military, federal, and federal contract employee) require a Subject interview.

In public trust and low/medium risk positions, such as yours, the Subject is often allowed to start working while the BI is being processed. This creates confusion and often anger. Just check their credentials and/or call the NBIB hotline if you are suspicious.

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Thank you. I was curious because my brother hasnt recieved any notification for an interview nor has he heard about doing one, but his background doesnt raise some concerns like mine