Interview with both Supervisor and Coworker for a Secret Clearance?

Is this normal? I always thought that for non-top secret clearances, most of the inquiries were by written questionnaires.

Pretty much at the discretion of the BI person based on what they developed ifs my understanding.

There are times interviewing a supervisor and/or coworker is appropriate (and required) for Tier 3 BIs.

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Thank you. Is this also appropriate for a Tier 2 BI for a public trust?

It isn’t normal but happens if something needs to be clarified. If there is an issue you will be afforded the opportunity to discuss, disclose or clarify.

Normal is relative. Almost all of the Tier 2 cases I work involve a Subject interview. At the 29,994.5 feet view above me… most Tier 2s don’t require a Subject interview.

Something to remember when you get queasy after being notified that you require a Subject interview. The investigator/agent works for both sides… we can go to jail for enhancing or hiding information. I really want to hear your side of the story, guide you through the information the adjudicator needs, and press on to my next case. While I am not your friend, nor am I your enemy.

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