Asked to bring supervisor + co-worker to meeting


This is my first ever Q application. Got an email from Perspecta saying that I should bring my supervisor and one co-worker with me to meet with the investigator.

Just wondering if this is standard or not – Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated.


It’s very standard depending on the case type where a supervisor and co-worker is required to be interviewed.

. . . but . . . to bring them to an interview?

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I mean, whenever I’m setting up an interview with a subject I ask them if they can coordinate with their supervisor so that I can interview the supervisor either right before or right after the subject interview. This is pretty standard when interviewing a subject currently working for a major contractor (lockheed, northrop, etc) and also on military bases where the interviews are conducted at the work location anyway, so it only makes sense to try to line up all of the required interviews to be knocked out back to back.

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I worked for a private company, and was asked to do the same by my investigator. Helped speed the process up to have everyone ready to go like that.

My subject interview was held at my job, and the investigator asked me before hand to have 2 coworkers, and my supervisor available to be interviewed after my part was done.

I am pretty sure the supervisor and coworker are not SITTING in on the interview with the applicant. As Sideshowbob said, we regularly ask the subject’s to bring their supervisor and coworkers to the interview so that we can interview those courses before we sit down with the subject for his interview. This is especially necessary when the subject works in a SCIF or other secure facility where the investigator cannot roam around looking for sources.

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indeed – it seems like this is the case here – the investigator said that the supervisor/coworker will be interviewed first. it seems like a very efficient way to conduct all 3 interviews in one go.

Yep!! Kudos to that investigator

I met my BI on campus where I went to grad school and was also in grad school at once again. It allowed them to interview me, squeeze in my current advisor, my two bosses, and HR to confirm my past degree… and current enrollment. It made their life easier and the way I saw it, was anything that made it easier for them ultimately made it easier or quicker for me too in the big scheme of things.