CI Poly and Sexual History


I passed my CI Polygraph, however when a younger man and before I had a clearance, I travelled to the Phillipines and slept with approximatly 4-5 prostitutes. I admitted to this during my Poly when asked if I had ever paid for sex. Now, I did pass my Polygraph as I received an email stating I was good to go. However 1 week later I am contacted by the adjudication department grilling me on my past sexual history for the last 15 years. All they said was they will send in the report and see what happens. I know this can be a negative If I did this while having a clearance, however I was young and dumb at the time. Best case, Nothing happens, worst case, DoD CAF takes away all my clearances. Any opinions on this. My wife knows about my sexual past, because of the email and having to the adjudication department about this, I have now told my FSO about everything, I did all of this before having a security clearance and since then, became a married man with 2 kids. I personally am worried that I will losr everything for something I did in my early 20’s.

Sounds more like you took a Full Scope. With that though, plenty get cleared with shorter time between clearance and occurrence. I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

I agree with @DALcal. The line of questioning you received sounds more like a full-scope or “lifestyle” polygraph. However, seven years ago, the National Reconnaissance Office got into trouble for aggressively collecting personal information during CI-scope polygraph interrogations.

Would you mind sharing the name of the agency that administered your polygraph?

As for the consequences, this would fall under Guideline D (sexual behavior) of the adjudicative guidelines. I would expect that, given the passage of time and your current situation, that any concern has been mitigated.

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It was definitely a CI as that is what my program requires. Full Scope would have taken longer and my approval letter stated CI.

Yep…I was supposed to take a CI poly with the NRO and during the prescreen this dude was asking more full-scope questions. They ended up pulling the job offer.

I would be very interested to know more about your experience. If you’d rather not post publicly, I understand. Conduct a internet search for my user name to find out how to contact me directly.

Interesting post. It goes hand in hand with my point on the other thread. Yes, these situations can and do come up on Polygraphs. Period. And yes it causes the opnion to get peeled back layer by layer. And yes it can lead to a denial.

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I read the approval everyday, clearly states CI Poly. now, the line of questioning I received may have been more in line with a lifestyle, but none the less, it was for a CI. I will leave the agency out for this for now, as it is unimportant at this time (not the NRO). If I have to go in front of DOHA I will, just to clear my name and actions with my family standing by me.


There was no onion to peel back. It was asked, I answered truthfully. The offenses in question happened 15 odd years ago while single and young and well before I had a clearance. Now that is no excuse, but can it be used for blackmail? No (my family including my wife knows about my past), can it prove I made bad decisions as a young man, possibly, but I have since matured, became a husband and father to 2 kids. Does that not count for anything?

Yes, all of things count for something. Depending on the agency you may be alright (no one here can say for sure). You say DOD CAF though so I’m assuming it’s for the DoD. Time is a great mitigating factor, so is youth, so is lifestyle change,so is inability to be blackmailed. You have all of those going for you. I would wait till you get a SOR.


Thanks for the reply. I am eagerly awaiting the SOR. I just feel one, actions 15 years ago when I was young should not have warranted another look when clearly I have turned my life around, and two, so much time has passed. People admit to using drugs 3 years ago and they let it slide however an indiscretion 15 years ago when I was young, before I even had a clearance and everything I have worked for could be gone. That is my biggest worry.

I’m with ya there. I went to the PI from 2009-2010…waiting on the SoR

You can go in for a CI scope poly, but if in the course of events you volunteer some other information they’re going to dig into it. I know a guy who made some offhand comment during a CI poly about having lived near the red light district in Frankfurt when he was in the Army some 30 years earlier, and they asked him all kinds of questions about it.

Hopefully it is just a case of them needing to fill in the gaps in the security investigation, and not a serious security concern. Time will tell. Maybe more time than we’d expect but that is part of the process in such matters.

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I passed my last CI poly in about an hour. I didn’t mention the PI…!

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Until you get a SOR try not to worry because technically you don’t have anything to worry about yet. You can find industrial adjudication decisions online, go through those and search for the sexual conduct cases and see if anything like yours is even an issue. You may be able to put yourself at ease or at least start to frame how you will respond to a SOR.

I would not stress until you get the SOR. If you do get a SOR request the extension to respond. At the least you’ll have bought yourself time to plan for something else. Look through the guidelines and the mitigating factors for sexual conduct. I think you have mitigated this but I’m not your adjudicator so my opinion is worthless here. If a stranger’s uninformed opinion will help you though, I think you’ll be fine.

What are you waiting for the SOR for if you passed the poly and did not mention the PI? Also, have long have you been waiting?

My case is faaarrr to complex to the easily adjudicated. I’ll get one…I’m pretty sure. I told my military leadership about the PI back in 2012. Haven’t been there since 2010


I have gone through years of them so far. Most not looking not so good, but most of those are ones that got rejected and people fought the denial. nothing really fit my description except 1 or two, but they admitted to having Sex Addiction and went to therapy. Maybe one tor 2 we reversed. Either way, its a waiting game. Does anyone know how long the wait is?


It wasn’t an off handed remark. It was a to the point question. Either way, I will just have to wait and see. Like you said time will tell.

I’m not trying to infer it is a problem. I’m saying “expect to get questioned on it.” Generally speaking, morals aside, prostitution by Americans traveling overseas is not viewed in the best light. From what I can research it is definitely a problem if children were involved. It CAN be a problem if it was so called consenting adults. Why? Many argue even a person freely selling their body could be forced into this act. Add in possible CI honey traps, and it gets sticky. Anyone telling you not to mention it is in my humble opinion, off base. Granted changing your life, acting responsible since the event, definitely changes the equation. But just as we saw with Secret Service agents engaging in Prostitution…it doesn’t reflect well on cleared individuals all Libertarian principles aside.