CI Polygraph Length


Can anyone give a ballpark on how long a CI Poly takes?


They usually schedule them in four hour blocks as I recall (most agencies at least). Dont plan on getting out of there too early. Or maybe that block of time includes some time for the examiner to take a break. In any case it will seem much longer :slight_smile:


If travelling, dedicate the full day for your poly.
Don’t travel on the same day, arrive a day prior, leave a day after.

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As sbusquirrel mentions - usually two (2) four hour blocks. If you’re squeaky clean they can sort you out in 4 hours or so…but if you have any issues or things they see then you’re there for pretty much a full business day.

It depends on an examiner. I had it in two different agencies. One was maybe 3 hours, another one I think under 2 hours.