Scheduling poly timing question


After waiting for three weeks, I finally receive the scheduling link for my unfinished portion of polygraph. Here is some technical question for y’all…

I am wondering if I should schedule the poly on a Friday or a Monday. The reason is last time when I scheduled a poly on a Friday, due to short of time and no schedules available on the following day (which falls on the weekend), I was instructed to wait for 30 days. I am wondering if I schedule this poly to a Monday, will it be easier for me to reschedule my potential retake poly for the next day since it will be a Tuesday.

This is with an agency located near Bmore.

Can someone share their experience?

Thank you.

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I’m not an expert on Polys but there’s a user here who is very knowledgeable about poly procedures so he would be best to answer your question.

But I always thought polys are done in 1 session except those for CIA/NSA. Are you sure you didn’t have any inconclusive results?


I am pretty sure I passed the suitability. For the FSP, it has two sessions: suitability and CI. The suitability portion took me 4 hours nonetheless the examiner told me I passed. So now I need to go back to do the CI portion…

I have to say I am impressed by the agency’s poly experience, much better than my other experience.

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Jesus christ 4 hours just for asking about drugs and crimes sounds sooo awful. My agency did both CI and suitabilty in less than 120 minutes and I was out. How many charts did that guy need ffs.

I think it may be me. My mind just can’t stop wondering! :joy:

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Ahh yeah you’re also in the pipeline for FBI. For me I just straight up read the anti-poly book and it worked for me lol

They tend to follow business hours too, so you are right that having no days off will help you get rescheduled faster.


3 letter agency 4-5 hours is norm. And so are 2 polys…3…saw one get 4 before getting cleared.

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Depends on what agency. FBI explicitly states 2 hours as minimum but one can expect anywhere from 2- however many hours based on many factors. I would also bank on only taking the FBI poly only once but CIA and NSA each require at minimum 1-2 as policy.

I’ve see a goid many get 1. Vast majority 2. Some 3…and 1 got 4. I was responsible for submitting clearances for just under 400 FTEs. And you can vet a minimum of 4 hours in seat.

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