Poly Scheduling

What are some of the reasons scheduling a polygraph might be delayed, other than the file simply waiting to be picked up by someone?

Also if a person has been cleared by one place already, does that affect the order in which things are done by another place, like: polygraph first then reciprocate the TS or reciprocate the TS then do the poly later?


It could be availibity of interviewers, say a polygrapher leaves and you draw the short straw.

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That makes sense… hadn’t thought of that.

Is there travel involved? That can slow things down.

I used to work at a place that was within a day’s drive of the greater DC area and the customers would often call our security officer when they had a sudden opening.

People who were due for a poly might get a call asking if they could go down the next day… one guy even went in on the day after Thanksgiving (not a routine federal holiday) when it came open. PS it did not help him in the long run :frowning:

Yup, a short flight.
The day after thanksgiving? Wow :joy: … i mean, at this point I’d be glad for any date for my processing to move forward. It sounds sad, but I was under the impression it was going to be a few weeks (that’s what they told me) and I would get a call to schedule all that good stuff (poly, psych etc) and it’s been well over a few months.

Did not think travel was a factor though :thinking: I’ll keep waiting for that call…

Any idea what would be a reasonable timeframe to get the call for scheduling the poly (with the current backlog and all) 2,3 months from previous contact or longer/shorter?

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