Pending notification to schedule polygraph


I received an email indicating that my current status is pending notification to schedule poly and psych eval. How long did you wait for the actual poly after receiving this notification? Thanks!

Ps it’s for TS.

Can be up to 5 month wait.

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Thank you. From your experience, do you meet with a BI after your poly? I did meet with one and all of my references had been contacted. Per my recruiter, my BI will start once the poly is finished. I am kind of confused about the process.

Historically…it was BI first, then Poly. And then the “always been clogged” pipeline became hopelessly jammed, clearance timelines got really long. I was seeing 12 plus for Secret, 24 plus months for TS. I suspect they did some analysis, realized more were eliminated at the Poly and Psych eval than the BI. So it made more sense to quickly eliminate those who would not make it to the end, before locking p a BI asset scoping all aspects of a person’s background. This is just supposition on my part. Where I am, it is still BI first, followed by Poly.

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