A new way to annoy you guys


Now that I have passed my 2nd poly… (as of Friday)…

When should I expect to finally hear from my BI?


@Trey3 I don’t have an answer for you but I love your title lol

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@Rkf4ever, I appreciate that…

You gotta be able to make fun of yourself…lol.


I feel like that every time I come on here to ask a question. It’s all so new to me so every little thing that pops in my head I’m asking lol. However, that’s what this is for, so ask away. I would think that you should hear from someone soon hopefully, especially since your poly and psych are both complete.

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@Rkf4ever, yeah man, you never wanna feel like an annoyance. But like you said, this is what it’s for. Hopefully soon, one day, we’ll be the ones answering questions.

I hope you’re right, I’m ready for this to end (and hopefully get cleared).

How far along are you again?


@Trey3…I’m hoping we both get the news we want to hear and soon. I have my poly later this week (insert nail biting and sighs), and my psych is a few weeks after that.

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I find it odd some agencies use the Poly and Psych first but I guess if you used a scatter graph to see where most are eliminated, start with that process first and unclog the drain. No sense doing a BI if a person would never get through Poly.


@amberbunny, that sounds about right and makes complete sense. The examiner said to me, if they didn’t want you… you wouldn’t be here a second time.


@Rkf4ever, I’m not gonna act like I’m some expert on this because I was a nervous wreck the entire time leading up to my first poly… but I can say is, just do your best and take control of yourself.

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@Trey3…thanks for that advice. I’m gonna try my best not to be a nervous wreck.

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@Rkf4ever, please keep me updated.


@Trey3…will do…you know this is the first place I go when dealing with this stuff. Everybody is pretty helpful on here.

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@Rkf4ever… Yes, whomever created this site, I don’t think they understand how much of a service they’ve provided.

They should be probably get a government contract for it.

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I completed my poly two months ago and have yet to hear from a BI. This is for a contractor position with an IC agency. Maybe they’re using my OPM investigation (completed 11/2016), but I was told they use their own BI and it’s 12-18 months process. I’m 8 months in and it’s been radio silence since the poly.


@yassal2017…I have since tried to stop wondering the logic behind how the process goes. Sometimes it’s radio silence, other times it’s constant contact. You just never know.

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mmm, I had my 2nd poly 3rd week of January and passed and I still have not heard anything…


How did you find out you passed? They didnt tell me either way after both of the my polys. I room the second one the day after the first one.

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@12months, after leaving the room to get a second opinion… the examiner came back and told me.


@Trey3 so when you don’t pass, instead of saying “fail”, they say inconclusive, but if you do pass, they just go ahead and let you know you passed?


@Rkf4ever, I honestly don’t know. The first time, it was “collect more data…”. The second time, it was “you passed.”

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