A new way to annoy you guys

Did you take it in VA or MD?

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@12months, I took it in MD.

@T0ff312s… welcome!!!

When did you go?

Thank you! I have been reading this blog for a while before I finally decided to create an account. I went right before Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that I haven’t heard anything yet, but I am fluent in a language that they’re looking for, so I’m hoping there’s still some hope there…

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@T0ff312s, is this in MD?

It was in VA. So maybe there’ll be some similarities in the process?

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@T0ff312s, I’m still new at this myself… but if I had to take an education guess, I’d assume so.

@T0ff312s, thank you very much and it is a huge relief.

Wow, I hope that most certainly is the case for you. I hope you get cleared as well.

This is like one big family of NON-cleared misfits!

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