CIA Polygraph Question

I have taken and passed the CIA full scope poly when I applied for a position directly with the CIA last year and received a conditional job offer. Before I had applied for the CIA position, I already had and still have TS/SCI from DoD. After 11 months of the security processing and adjudication, I recently learned that I did not get the job due to the “security disapproval.” My guess is that it could be due to my foreign travels and relatives who live overseas.

I have the following questions: What is going to happen with the full scope polygraph exam which I passed without any problems? Has the polygraph been adjudicated even though I did not get the job? Can another potential employer view the information on my polygraph in Scattered Castles or other databases? Can I still apply for positions with ODNI and CIA as a contractor in the future and post on my resume that I passed a CIA polygraph?

Thanks in advance.

When you say passed the polygraph, how do you know or are you basing it on the conditional job offer? If the job offer was withdrawn based on security disapproval then someone had enough concerns to such a level as to not clear you for the position. Regardless, unless your were issued a denial letter stating you were not eligible, you can apply to other positions, but I would be hesitant to state you had passed a polygraph without it being shown in writing from the CIA,