Clearance denial. How much does it cost for lawyer to represent me at personal hearing?

Hi all, I’ve been recently denied by CIA.
Hired an attorney to write me an SOR ($2,000) and now we got a response to get a hearing date set.
My current attorney is asking $5,000 to represent me at hearing, plus travel cost since he’s based in different state. That seems like a lot of money… I wonder if this is the right amount and how much money did you guys have to pay?

In the case of the CIA, I suspect that you’re going on a wild goose chase, if you’re trying for reconsideration by them! Any amount of $$$ spent for attys. is probably for naught.

Hi, just wondering if we could connect. Identical situations. I believe our attorney is in California so I have no interest in spending more on this issue. The subject thankfully moved on to un-cleared work and has no interest in working for the government anymore after his clearance was denied on incorrect information. But - also curious to close out this horrible chapter in our life.