Clearance Red Flagged due to not having a degree

I was let go due to my employer finding that I did not have a degree. I was never asked if I had a degree when I was employed but after a year and half. They fired me and put red flagged loss jurisdiction. I know can’t obtain employment with employers requiring a clearance. This really upsetting because where I live most or all jobs in the area require a clearance. I’ve had to resort to working out of state. What can I do?

I guarantee you there is no requirement for a degree for any level of clearance and I have high school drop outs with TS SCI Full scope poly’s.

Your company likely has education requirements for their positions. Perhaps you weren’t up front with them about your education? Once they discovered you did not possess a mandatory qualification, or if they believe (right or wrong) you committed resume fraud (common), they released you.

The loss of sponsorship isn’t a punitive statement, it merely means no cleared company is currently sponsoring you and holding you in “access.” Your termination letter would legally explain reasons for termination. And appeal. It is possible you never claimed having the required education. Mistakes happen. You are still not qualified for the position, but if it was an HR error in that they never asked or never verified your education, you may have a case for an attorney. Now, if your performance was questionable at the same time…I really do not recommend going down that path. It gets murky in right to work states and an attorney can best help.