Clearance Renewal

My government client has a problem with me which till now, my manager and I are still trying to figure out exactly what it is as they are not clear as to what the problem is. My company is going with “client is always right” mindset and are wanting me to sign a warning document even though my manager has explained to HR that this is not my fault. They are also asking me to write a rebuttal. I wanted to know if I should sign the warning document and how will this affect my clearance renewal. Thank you.

What is the warning? Usually a warning says, “If you continue, then THIS will happen” or “if you don’t change, then THIS will happen–” so what is the THIS?

Anyway this sounds like an issue between you are your employer. The only way it could affect your clearance is if they allege some kind of misconduct.

By the way… get out of there NOW. This sounds like a bad situation and a weasel company. With apologies to the weasels.


If a contracting company doesn’t go the extra mile to defend their employees, especially when no foul play was involved on the employees side, then that employee shouldn’t go the extra mile for them. It sounds like it is time to dip. If you are able to resign prior to signing the warning document, then do so on good terms with a notice. Read the warning document carefully and if something on there does not match up to reality, speak on it for correction. Usually warning docs or so they call it, are not official write ups (as those come after a written/verbal warning was given), and will not go on one’s record.