Changing contractor jobs and Risk to Security Clearances

I am a DoD contractor that has been working for an employer for about two and half months on a new contract. I have recently been approached for another position with another company supporting a different DoD client elsewhere (based on some unique experience I have). It is a significant career step up and about 25% more pay. Its a good opportunity I think I should accept.

I plan on offering a 30-day notice to my current employer. My questions is, are there any risks to my security clearance from the current employer? I have no violations or incidents whatsoever. I don’t think the employer would do anything unethical. But I will have not been here long and I suppose they could be upset (as opposed to just the understandable disappointment.) On the other hand, I know contractors move around a lot in this business and folks are used to it. But I’d still like to take all the right steps to avoid a problem. In short, what (if any) is the risk of them screwing with my clearance and creating an issue. The new company really wants me on board in a month and are offering a lot.

You company cannot “screw” with your clearance, they are obligated by the NISPOM to debrief you once you leave employment with them and ask DISCO to administratively withdraw your clearance. The new company can then pick you up and have DISOC reinstate your clearance if the investigation meets the level needed and is in scope. My advice is to ensure you follow all of the company rules about notifications and out processing, and turning in badges/keys/property.

Thanks! So as long as there is no “incident” for them to report, the process is cut and dry? I’m understanding you to say that they cannot (or, maybe, will not likely) “create” something to open an incident? What prevents that … that is my real concern, although I deem it as unlikely?

Creating an incident false incident report is a serious matter, so no, a company would not tale that risk. You should be good to go.