New company taking over (Pending Incident report)

I currently have a top-secret clearance working on a DOD contract. I also have a DUI incident report on my clearance which was made final about a month ago. The case has been suspended pending the successful completion of counseling after which it will be dismissed. I self-reported it and I have updated my current FSO with every new information.
My current company lost the contract during bidding and a new company will be taking over soon. My question is, will my clearance be able to transfer to the new company? My clearance is still active and I still have all the access I need.
Is there anything that I can do. please advise.

The only times I’ve heard of folks getting caught up with an “incident report” affecting their clearance was when they switched jobs. In this case, you’re not switching jobs but changing employers. Generally the customer tries to assist the new company as much as possible in these situations so I think you are probably in good shape…

But no guarantees. Please keep up posted.

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Clearances are not company specific but agency specific. That having been said, the company sponsoring your clearance does have to prove once annually your need for the clearance as of about 5 years ago. Historically they did this and did not have to send in annual paperwork but as long as your position still requires the same level of clearance, they send in one document showing why you require it and that’s it.