Clearance Suspension Process

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For current security clearance holders there are some things you should know if you ever happen to have your security clearance suspended. Most federal agencies use similar guidelines and procedures when suspending an individual’s clearance, but the focus of this post will be on DoD’s process which is outlined in DoD-M 5200.02. Here are the…

Hi Marko,
Is there any timeline that the Government follows to resolve suspension cases? My full secret and interim top secret clearances were temporarily rescinded by the Defense Security Servives (DSS) in March 2018. The DSS provides no reason for this rescission and I am waiting to hear since then.
I am a federal contractor and this information is new to me that DoD CAF also considers employer’s recommendations along with other information whether to revoke or reinstate.

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No timelines are established, only that it cannot be indefinite. They should have provided a general reason for suspending, ask your FSO to inquire.

I really appreciate your reply.
My case is in adjudication since October 17 (confirmed this from OPM). My FSO told me that government is not providing any reason for my clearance rescission. However, he advised me to check my finances as finances are very common for clearance rescission/suspension. I find that my account was delinquent due to an unpaid car tax bill pending from last year. The car tax amount was $200 which I paid right away. Since, the tax amount was insignificant I am assuming this could not be the reason of clearance recsission.
I am a federal contractor and now a department within DoD is very interested to hire me. This job only requires Non- Sensitive Public Trust. They interviewed me last week and checked my references. I am really interested to get this job and I also informed them about my situation.
I have no idea if the outcome of my final TS decision will impact my ability to get Public Trust. I am also not sure if clearance could be rescinded due unpaid insignificant amount. The only advise I received from my FSO is to sit and wait.

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I would go with the public trust position and not wait around for DSS to make a decision on the clearance. They can request a copy of the clearance investigation and adjudicate it under suitability guidelines if it meets the level needed…

Hi Marko,
My FSO sent an inquiry to adjudicate my investigation. He received a response that my investigation is closed with pending final adjudication with DoD CAF and the PSMO is unable to provide any additional information regarding this case.

Hi Marko,
I have received a tentative job offer today from an agency within DoD with requirement of Public Trust Non-Sensitive Clearance. The job offer is pending on;

  1. Suitability review and adjudication for employment.
  2. Eligibility for a Secret Security Clearance (you must maintain
    eligibility for that clearance).
    I want to know how the Suitability review and adjudication process for public trust is similar/different than the Secret clearance? How long it takes? Any estimates?
    What factors are considered in checking the eligibility for a Secret Security Clearance?

Your case is very similar to mine. My Secret clearance has been revoked and I am currently in the appeal process. In the interim, I am working a job with the Department of Commerce that requires only a Non-Sensitive Public Trust and have accepted a tentative job offer with the Coast Guard with the same requirement. Both PT’s are pending. My Security Manager with the the DOC seems to think that since DOHA has already revoked my Secret, that my PT is toast. Even my Program Manager is arguing with him about that. I haven’t been specifically notified about the results of my PT in either DOC or USCG position.

You cannot be in a Public Trust position if it requires a secret clearance.

Hi Marko,
The job posting only requires PT Non Sensitive but the job description that was sent to me has this requirement of Eligibility for a Secret Security Clearance (you must maintain eligibility for that clearance). I want to know how Eligibility for a Secret Security Clearance is different than having actual clearance?

My full Secret and interim TS both were temporarily rescinded in March 2018 with no further communication from DSS. I am still waiting.
Since you are working on a position that requires PT Non-Sensitive after the suspension of your clearance, I want to ask what are the relevant adjudication guidelines for this type of clearance? How long does it take to get it?
I am tentatively offered a job with the PT Non Sensitive requirements from the same agency.
I wish you luck with your pending PTs.

Somebody messed up the position description requirements, you can’t be both

Thanks for this information.

Are you aware of 9.4 section J where it reads as follows:

j. The OUSD(I) Security Policy and Oversight Division will monitor the number of suspensions that exceed 180 days.

Has anyone seen this group involved in a suspension exceeding 180 days? If this division is NOT involved, is security protocol breached?

@wullah did you ever hear anything back? I still haven’t

Hi, It seems like a never ending process. I have not heard anything at all.

Hi, I am hitting 180 days mark in two weeks. My interim TS clearance suspended in March 2018 with total wait time is 30 months. I am not sure whether these 180 days are for final clearance or it also covers interim as well.

Marko, do you know the reasons why an active clearance would be suspended by DSS? It seems like it would have to be pretty severe–like committing a felony with a gun or something along those lines.

Any type of incident report could be cause to suspend pending further review. Security violations, alcohol or drug incidents, arrests, etc…

Yes, I know this. I worked for DOD (DIA) for 20+ years. Just recently, Nov 2017, the SSO with the company I worked for called me in to give me the bade new. DHS took the SCI away from me because of non-sense on my 5 year investigation. Since I am retired since 2005, I have always applied for contacting positions to just work! Well, when the 5 year investigation came up in Nov 2017, there were stupid things said about me like my hair would get caught in the computer, I could not wear a colored scarf around my neck, told them that I was on sick leave and they said I DID NOT CALL IN, (r U kidding’ me?) LIES, LIES, LIES, so I had 90 days to rely. I DID in Jan 2018. DHS never replied. Talked to the SSO, she said when they don’t reply fast, means something’s wrong! In the interim, my company put me on LWOP which means “Leave Without Pay”! I had nothing coming in for this company at all! Finally, the supervisor of the company asked me what was I going to do. I replied, what else can I do? She said to resign. I did not want to because I knew what the circumstances would be. I did resign in Apr 2018. Tried to get Virginia unemployment, but nothing! Right now, I am looking for a job and it is very HARD! I am a 68 year old female who needs to be working because that’s what I DO! Any replies would be excepted!!!