Clearance Suspension Process


Hi, I got my Clearance reinstated today. I have contacted my Senator three weeks ago and he sent an inquiry to DoD about my clearance.


@wullah That’s great! Gives me hope to hear something soon. Did you get your TS or just your S?


What did you say in the letter? I am considering this option currently as im having issues with a suspension going on 1 year due.


Hi marko, ive been reading for a while now and hoping my suspension would finally be processed. bit of backround, NOV17 NCIS accused me of theft and sale of government property over a fb sale post of legally owned and acquired property with the receipts to back it up. my case sat with JAG until it came to the top of the pile and they determined I was innocent. Everything was wrapped up and the preliminary inquiry results and action along with JAG findings were sent to DODCAF in JUL18. Its now been 6 months there. Is there anyway to push them to make a decision or review?My command security officer isn’t the best help. I’m pretty sure all he does is look at JPAS. Im active navy and currently deployed unable to do part of my job as a result and its impacting me. If I do not resume my full duties by JUN19 I must return to school to get recurrent because im a flyer which is very costly to the government. Do you have any advice? im currently considering sending a letter to my Representative and would like to know all further options.


Your chain of command is the best place to start. If 1st line supervisor is not helping, go one up. Commanders have full authority to call for reviews and get action.


Why do security clearance panels have the authority to overrule a DOHA administrative judge in security clearances? Has a DoD security panel ever overruled a DOHA judge to restore someone’s clearance when the judge recommended revocation? If a faceless panel can overrule the administrative judge, then what is the point of having a hearing in the first place?
My clearance was suspended and ultimately revoked. I was accused of deliberately using countermeasures on a polygraph, which I was not and tried to explain, but the polygrapher refused to listen. The clearance was suspended after I left that agency to go to another one that did not require polygraphs. DoD CAF said that my issued could never be mitigated and I had to appeal to a DOHA judge. That judge determined that I was not deliberately using countermeasures and recommended my clearance be restored. However, a DoD security panel got the final say and revoked my clearance, stating that they agreed with the judge in revoking my clearance. They would claim a ‘typo.’


does that mean he could potentially send it to the top and get it reviewed immediately?
if so is there somewhere that i can reference this? knowing my CO he would want to see it in writing before he called


There is no specific reference other than DoDM 5200.02 in which 9.4.i states suspensions should not exceed 180 days. Any good commander will conduct follow ups to get the status resolved one way or another.


Curious about what happens if your clearance is suspended, but you decide to resign/retire before the review process begins. Will the clearance remain in a suspended status forever, or will it eventually be revoked? Further, if I apply for another position which requires a clearance and I am asked if I have ever had a clearance revoked, can I truthfully answer “no”? My clearance was suspended (not a DoD clearance, however), but after 28 years in the industry I decided to just retire and move onto something else. Now I find myself wanting to get back into the intelligence business. Any thoughts?


You do not need a letter really. I contacted my Senator and they asked me to fill a privacy form and provide the name of the agency adjudicating my clearance. I’d call the office and explain to them the issue.