Clearance with Homeland Security

I was currently working for a contractor for ICE for about 6 months until I got my investigation results saying I had too much misconduct in my passed employment history and that I was dishonest about 2 employers please tell me what I can do to fight this… I’m not sure if I stand a chance because it’s Homeland Security but I might be wrong… and they mentioned it was their final decision.

Well if it is TRUE, There is NOTHING you can do.

Were you given a statement of record? Did it tell you this can not be appealed? Were you dishonest about the past employment? Do you have a large amount of misconduct in the past? The consequences of not following rules or being a good employee absolutely is used to determine if you have a degree of predictability in how you live your life. I suspect being dishonest about two employers sealed the deal. It may very well be a painful life lesson. The past is the best indicator of possible future action. How have you conducted yourself for employers in the past? If the answer is “not so good,” it is understandable why a new employer would not want to trust you with classified material or trust you to behave in the their workplace. Advice: start a new trend distinctly different from the past. Make the honor role, be employee of the month, quarter, etc. Participate in community service. Prove you changed your ways. Over time a new you takes root and you have altered the path you are on.