Investigation results

Can someone please help me out here I have a deadline from when I received this letter from an investigation personnel. So I got my investigation results and this Personnel Security Unit Section Chief denied my clearance because of misconduct that was none violent from 3 years ago and he mentioned that it was the final decision and now my case is closed what action can I take to fight this because I feel this isn’t right. I’m a great worker and I’ve been working on this ICE contract for about 6 month with no issues whatsoever. I come to work on time I’m well behaved and I get along with everyone this isn’t fair. Someone please help.

I’m not sure that there is enough information here for anyone to actually provide you with answers. However, you can contact a clearance lawyer. Most will give you a free one hour consult and you may be able to get some information there.

By the way . . . There’s no reason that this process has to be “fair”.

Fair doesn’t enter the equation. Apparently they gave great weight to the offense. You need prove it was an anomaly and you have no other risk factors. They likely just want to get more distance between you and the event to prove you live a better life. You can fight it once you get a SOR but I recommend a clearance lawyer.