Concerns About Discussion Posts

Well . . . I hesitated to post this and first looked for another way to get this question to moderators. I didn’t find anything so I’m going to throw this on the table. If the moderators think that it is inappropriate, I’m fine with it being deleted.

Is anyone else concerned about the spate of poorly worded posts and questions here lately? I seem to see post after post that appear to have been written by non-native English speakers asking questions about the clearance process. I recognize many of the differences between foreign speakers, poor English grammar in native speakers and the weak grammar of those who grew up writing texts and emails using “short hand” styles.

I love reading and posting on this site but are we being careful enough with what we do here?

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Understand your concerns, however, all information about clearances processes on here is publicly available information from regulations, desk guides, and agency websites. FOUO and other sensitive information specifically designated for internal company or agency use only should not be discussed here.

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I was a TA in grad school and had to grade some short-answer written responses. I can assure you that the state of written expression is abysmal. And this was some years back before texting and the internet totally demolished the general state of writing skills.

But I too wonder about this and people can glean a lot of info from totally unclassified discussions.

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Some of us I.E Me are too lazy to worry about grammar and spelling. I know this sounds terrible but I guess I am a terrible person. lol

There’s a difference between “grammar and spelling” and what I’m talking about. There are word usage patterns and grammar errors that are common to non-native English speakers.

In any case, you are NOT one of those that had me concerned.