Congressional Staffer Indicted for Falsifying SF-86

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I have seen an uptick in the number of cases taken on by Federal prosecutors related to security clearance holders caught lying on the SF-86. It seems that this particular long-standing issue has garnered more attention in the current clearance reform arena and providing false information is being taken more seriously now. In this particular case,…

I go to great lengths making clear to each applicant they are the only ones with “skin in the game” concerning their clearance. Many do not wish to speak to past drug use or tax issues, unpaid student loans etc. The best I can explain is to treat it as an honesty test. They don’t care if the person missed a bill, but caught up. They don’t care if a person used MJ as a kid. Just speak to it. But be up front. Trying to hide any of it will only come back on them. Particularly if they are dishonest on the Secret BI SF 86, and then later tell more of the truth on a TS BI SF 86. The discrepancy between the two can and will trip a person up. Likewise for not mentioning an expunged or dismissed arrest. If you do not speak to it the assumption is you are hiding it, and therefor less trustworthy.