Continuous Evaluation

The T5Rs have all but disappeared and now we are all wondering when the triggered TESI’s from continuous evaluation will start appearing in the field and what things will trigger them. Has anyone had any TESIs related to continuous evaluation triggers?

How can you tell if it’s a regular Tesi or triggered by continuous evaluation?

I don’t know…my assumption is it would show up as a T5R TESI

You won’t know and it’s not your job to know. You’ll get a TESI and just do your TESI work, report it and move on.


I’m still working T5R, T4R & T3R TESI daily. But still getting initial T5 & T3 ESI’S as well. Also, getting T5R and T3R but assigned as ESI’S. I think this is the continuous evaluation cases because they don’t make sense the way the case type is.
I’m insanely busy. I couldn’t even take time off of work. I requested several days timeframe where I was not accepting cases however they slammed me with cases the day before I was to take leave, then slammed me with more cases when I resumed after my leave date. I am still playing catch up. They either love me or hate me and I can’t figure out which one haha.

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The good thing about living in a free country is that if you want to ask questions you can…Go do your Tesi and I’ll do my Tesi and ask questions about everything under the sun just because I can.


Where are you located and what contract are you working?

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DCSA primarily. I’m on CBP/ICE as well but can’t accept any work due to rate I’m working. I’m in the deep south. That being said, I have no idea how many full timers there are, how many fed, or how many other contractors or vendors in my org. I don’t really have any contact with any other investigators in my org so I can’t gauge what workloads others receive.

You are with what vendor? Are you F/T or IC?

Flags as a result of a CE check can be resolved either by the adjudicating agency or through a requested RSI through DCSA.

10 years on this job working 6 different states…if I ever considered not asking questions or trying to learn thing independently I would have been dead in the water years ago. ;


I’m an independent contractor and I am with multiple vendors…but my main vendor is the one that keeps me working like crazy.

There is a screen in PIPS that shows “Continuous Evaluation” as a function (at the bottom). So far, I have not seen a “Y” next to that function on any case that I recall- just checked a new T5 and a T5R to see where I saw those words. From the press releases, this forum, and talking to Subjects and Sources - it seems like CE/CV may still be in the test or planning stages at DCSA. Lord knows, DCSA and the vendors aren’t telling us anything concrete.

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Feel Blessed! Trust me…

I do. I feel very lucky going from being riffed by G to my current rate of work. I don’t complain because I’m afraid of the day that no work comes in. I never get out of panic mode.

CE is going to be a death nail in the coffin for all of us as CI’s or FI hourlies. All agencies are moving over to CE. It’s over. All of us need to spend our time looking for another profession or career.