Contractor Clearance Crossover

I’ve been a contractor supporting the same IC organization for 17 years. Record hasn’t been spotless. Mitigated credit issues and a DUI in 2008. All immediately disclosed and most recent BI for TS/SCI was favorably adjudicated in 2014.

Had a recent incident, private citizen complaint for misdemeanor trespassing. I just knocked on the persons door and the individual called the police claiming he feared for his life. Police that arrived on scene felt no cause to issue a charge and sent me on my way. The complainant knew I was cleared and wanted to damage my career so went to filed a complaint with the magistrate. Security office for my employer at the time was notified immediately and was told not to worry. During the time I was awaiting my final court appearance, I accepted a position with another company and began the clearance crossover process to the new contract/company. Early on in the process, beginning of May, I was told I was ‘Red Flagged’ and the customer requested a new SF86 be submitted, which I promptly completed/turned-in the next day. I’ve inquired with a couple of old PSO contacts I knew and they found that I’m showing ‘Pending’. Does this mean I’m stuck waiting on a full investigation cycle or am I just waiting on Adjudications to confirm the disposition of the case?

Luckily my current employer is willing to carry me on overhead but I’m just worried that the individual that filed the complaint has successfully ruined my career as a contractor.

If there are pending court decisions you likely need wait until the judicial process ends and the information is reported. If you are found not guilty, the charge is dropped or reduced you likely will not have a problem. This is a good example of living with the “sword of Damocles” over our heads. When cleared you need adopt a more rigid lifestyle than uncleared people as normal everyday trouble can and will impact our ability keep our clearance and position. I would make it a point of staying away from people you understand to be unstable and vindictive. You do need remove them from your life and you from theirs. That is just a fact of life with the people you work for and being cleared in general.

Definitely agree with all points. Case was dismissed and I reported the status immediately. I’m hearing about significant delays on crossovers for other people as well. Pretty disappointing since I’ve been on overhead for months. I guess I can count myself lucky I’m with a company that’s willing to carry me this long.

That is always a blessing. As long as I can track down the Contract Officer and get them to sign…I can get a crossover in a few days. More and more I run into the problem that DoD is letting people get out of scope. They separate or retire…and they cannot be crossed over.