Contractor experience w/giving notice

If you worked for a contractor and wanted to move on to other activity or employment opportunities, how did giving notice play out?

This is probably company specific, but in general terms…

How long of a notice is standard?

What happens with active casework?

What happens with transmitted cases that aren’t yet closed?

How long are creds good for?

Does an in-person handoff of caseswork, equipment, and supplies have to happen or can a shipping service be used?

If you transition from a FT position to contract work, do you continue as normal but on a different pay scale?

Please forgive the 20 questions- I’m aiming to skip the woe is me complaining, get the 411 on what others experienced, and look to make wise choices as much as possible. I’m thinking well in advance for making a change in improving my overall outlook on investigative work. I need to flip the current narrative to something more positive.

Many thanks for advice.

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2 weeks notice is standard but from what I know they’ll probably have you out the door before your 2 weeks are up and you’ll be asked to send all of your government furnished equipment (laptop, credentials, etc). I’m pretty sure most companies let you keep the giant printer/fax/scanner, costs more than it’s worth to ship back.

Outstanding cases are just reassigned, if a case gets reopened while you’re no longer working on the contract then it’s no longer your problem.

When you ask “how long are creds good for?” it depends on the context, if you’re no longer working the contract then your creds are no longer valid and need to be sent back.

If you are switching from a full time employee to an independent contractor investigator, you still have to send your creds back in and they hold onto them for a couple weeks for some reason and then send them back to you.

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Ty for these replies. I appreciate that!

When I left F/T I had to submit a 2 week notice letter to my FM. I did have to complete all my cases that were assigned but now new items were assigned. On my last day I sent everything back with a checklist I was given as well as all of my creds.

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Unbelievably large. Why - who thought it was a good idea to issue such a monstrosity?

Would you believe CACI made me return my 60 pound printer🙄

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If they prepaid the postage… let them have it.

I had to donate my old USIS and Keypoint printers to local charities.


If you give 2 weeks notice be prepared a company don’t have to accept it and can move on from you right there.


People have already given some great insight, and here is my personal experience (F/T):

I moved contractors twice. Each time, I gave a full two weeks’ notice (which they accepted and allowed me to finish up because the backlog was (go figure) massive.

They made me send back everything but the printer, and finish up all fieldwork, prioritizing RZ’s and priority items of course. They still assigned new items for a few days after I gave notice, but stopped after that and told me basically to give them as much notice as possible if I didn’t think I would be able to complete certain items.

It was pretty unceremonious and straightforward. No exit interview, no tearful goodbye or anything. I had a quick ‘thank you’ chat with my manager (I was one of the lucky ones who had a fantastic field manager everywhere I worked while on the contract) and that was that!

Best of luck to you!

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