Changed Companies and Lost Credentials...

Hi everyone. I just wondered if anyone else has ever had a problem like this: I am an investigator that was currently working for KGS on the OPM contract and left the company after giving 2 weeks notice to go to a competitor after receiving a much better offer from the competitor. I found out on my start date that something had happened with my clearance/credentials and that I could not go forward with the new company due to the problem, however, no one could or would tell me exactly what the problem was. So I end up with no job at all and a sea of questions. I don’t even know who to talk to. Shouldn’t I have been notified by OPM if I had a change of status for some reason? How can you go from working on a contract to not being approved with no notice? Anyone have advice or a similar experience?

There could be multiple issues at hand. You may have not been cleared through OPM to work on the contract. No exact reasons are given and per contract guidelines they can’t provide this information. Usually, the new company should not have given you a start date until you had been cleared by OPM unless you gave notice before this came through.

Good luck with whatever you are dealing with.