Investigator Headhunting

In the past few weeks I’ve been contacted (emails and phone calls) out of the blue by over a dozen recruiters attempting to poach me away from my current employer. With one exception, they’ve been exclusively for one company, which I won’t name but some of you may be able to guess, given their tenacity. I have no intentions of leaving my current company since I am within my first year on the OPM/NBIB contract and am still learning a great deal about the nature of the job. I also work for an amazing SL that goes above and beyond for BIs on the team. My question is, being fairly new to the field, are poaching efforts always this common between the contractors? Do BIs often switch between companies, provided there’s a better offer being presented?

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Wasn’t around for the USIS debacle but I was told it was fairly aggressive, aggressive to the point that one of the vendors was dishonest about compensation.
But since the new contract, people left their prior companies in droves for better compensation. Honestly, if the reimbursement clause in your contract is prorated and you can afford it, I would just leave for a vendor that pays more. That’s a no-brainer. We’ve all got bills to take care of.

That’s what I was thinking as well. Not sure if my contractor prorates but I will check the contract. Although I am really happy with my SL and support structure offered by the team right now, so I wouldn’t consider leaving unless it was a fairly significant raise. Of course that could all change in short notice.