OPM informed HR that they dropped applicants from system

Recently, about ~20 applicants and the company were notified by OPM that their applications were dropped by the agency. This did not effect me. Here are the details:

Defense contractor
Q or L clearances
Applicants entered before November 2015

Does anyone have any more information about this?

I was affected. 13+ months of waiting, for nothing. I had been contacting HR and my hiring manager monthly/weekly and was consistently told that everything was on track. I even had my investigation showing up in the ATS system.

It appears to have been a straight paperwork mix up; none of my references were contacted. I’ve resubmitted my SF86 and was told by company security to answer “No, I have not been investigated for a clearance before”. I also had to take time off work for drug testing and to travel up to a company location for another round of fingerprinting, all without reimbursement.

The company is trying to get us interim clearances, which is exceedingly rare and unusual for them. I’m not certain that I’ll get interim; my record is exceedingly clean but I did list a few foreign contacts (friends from college).

I’m a recent graduate, so this has gone from unfortunate to unconscionable. I’m a STEM major with a graduate degree; there’s no way I’m going to wait 2+ years to start at an entry level position. It’s a shame, because this was really close to my dream job. However, I’ve already been underemployed for nearly a year now, as I’ve been at a temp position while waiting for this to work out. All my engineering friends are up for their first annual reviews and raises while I’ve literally moved backwards in the hiring process.

I’m now interviewing for other jobs. I’d advise you to do the same.