Interim clearance denial/approval

Hello all,

I understand the the denial rate for interim secret clearances is higher than the final secret clearance and that certain issues can result in the denial of an interim. What do you think my chances are of getting an interim approved with two minor in possessions of alcohol I received 5 years ago? I know that an interim involves a credit check, criminal check and a favorable review of the SF-86. It seems to me that more and more interims are getting denied these days. Thanks for any info.

These days, that will almost certainly not get you an interim clearance. You really need a spotless record for an interim. I’m in the same boat, so just strap in for the wait.

You are right about that(spotless). I had secret clearance and I was out of the contract world for 3 years. Recently, I had and offer from the same company I worked before. Yesterday SFO called me and said, my interim was denied without citing any reasons. OPM didn’t do any credit check or they contacted my employers either. According to the SFO, they probably retrieve my offer back, which will automatically withdraw the clearance process. I’ve no issues with anything, only issue I could recall was I did lot of travelling during my last contract. Since there were around 35 travels within the span on 4 years, I had mentioned few of them on SF86. Not sure how it would impact Interim? Any advice?