Copy of Background Investigation Report

Unfortunately the government makes the rules ad there could be nothing there yet it still makes claim

It beggars belief for me that the government would redact “no record”.

It depends on the information even if it says “no record” such reports are excluded by law under for example 31 USC 5319. FOIA request will explain what statute is cited as mine did.

When you say “such reports” what do you mean exactly? I believe the poster received his BI back and saw a string of “no record” results and then a few redacted with the FOIA exclusion citation (yes, with a reference to the statute you linked to). What’s different about the ones that were redacted? If they are really just more “nope, nothing found” negative results, identical to many others conveyed unredacted, why redact those?

That’s not how the FOIA is laid out. But since you aren’t the poster why do you care so much? There’s nothing to argue about. It’s how the government has decided to conduct business

Because I don’t think anyone has given him a real answer to his question.


I recently encountered the same problem. FBI Name Search (j)(2)(b)(7)(e) per fbi showing up with everything else in place as expected and a favorable outlook.

Did you get any more specific answers on this?

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Is it possible to request a copy of an investigation that is still in progress to see how far theyve come?

I don’t think so. I think it has to be closed.

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It means they found another name tied to your social security number and DOB during the investigation but determined it was not you that used that name or it was a non critical mistake you forgot a name you used. John Doe, J. Doe, John J. Doe, JJ Doe…etc. they redact it because the report is only about you and the additional name could be due to a mistake at a doctor’s office or something. No worries.