Copy of Background investigation

Hi team. If anyone here has already request a copy of their complete background investigation from OPM.?If yes can u please describe how it looks like? I want know what to expect plz.

its a large redacted book.

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But would be able to see whats verified and whats completed.?So it could be easy for other agencies to see when im sending it .
Plz tell me

kind of. Its the investigation. You can google what a sample investigation looks like and it will show you

You get a copy of the interview transcripts (people that were interviewed) as well as any other background information that were requested as part of the investigation. It is a heavily redacted and in the range of 100 pages or so.

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Thak you …but do u know how long it might take to reveive it after submitting the request…

It’s easy. Tells you everything. You should always get copies.

You don’t get all the documentation. It is up to the agency what you get.

I had a BI with ICE about 10 years ago. I requested copies through FOIA. They took more than two years to respond and sent me a whopping two whole pages with about 60% redactions.

Our government is useful.

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The ROIs are normally pretty boring and brief.


I tell people “the government moving with glacial speed will see you get a copy”…


I just requested mine a few months ago and it took about a month to get back.

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but can often be very revealing, the many redactions notwithstanding!