Covid 19 impact

Does anyone know how Covid 19 is impacting investigations? Is it making the investigation process longer? How are references and employers being contacted now?

Thanks just started the process for TS and wondering how long it will take.

In my experience, there is really no difference. While some things take longer to get (records etc) it seems easier to reach people for interviews. References and employers are being contacted by phone, video call, and still in-person. I have seen a few comments indicating that adjudicators cannot work remotely (due to Covid) and that has been holding things up - this is not an accurate statement for every agency as some have worked remotely (at least part-time) for many years now (note: not all agencies allow remote adjudication).

I think that the process has adapted by now, so the impact should be minimal. But I’m sure it was a mess for some months, especially when people could not go in to work or were only working limited hours.

Based on anecdotal evidence on these forums, sounds like things are back to “normal.” If you’re lucky a straight TS (no SCI) should take 6-9 months.

Your mileage may (and probably will) vary.

I personally have mentioned the “no working from home” with regard to IC Adjudicators, this I heard directly from my FSO via the Customers PSD. If I wasn’t specific on that detail then that’s on me and I apologize.

And I cant honestly say that I read the whole thread carefully :open_mouth:

But many places are adapting, if they havent gone back to full staffing then some people are working staggered shifts, some are working nights/weekends, so I think it is much closer to pre-covid throughput for adjudicators and others who have to go into the office.