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Hey guys, I am very confused about a situation that I am in, and any insights from people with experience would be appreciated. I am trying to move from 1 agency to another, both clearances reside in SC. Despite having a brand new investigation within the last 2 months, I keep getting “unadujdicated information”. I honestly can’t imagine what this could be, there is nothing in the 13 guidelines that is of a concern to me. The fact that I just completed an SSBI PR speaks to that. Any advice or info would be appreciated

Question, was your clearance granted with an exception (due to foreign contacts, etc.)?

Reciprocity between agencies should be straight forward unless your clearance was granted with an exception, BI is out of scope (yours is recent) or if your clearance is inactive (24 months passed since it was last active).

Your investigation completed in the last two months? Was it adjudicated?

Adjudicated within last 2 months. This was my PR. Initial granted in 2015

I was never told of any exceptions. But at this point I don’t know what else it can be. My clearance must have been granted with some exception unknown to me. What makes this incredibly frustrating and demoralizing is I already did a detailee assignment at this agency. Yet when it comes to going contractor they refuse

Sorry to hear, I’m on the same boat. They don’t tell you what the unadjudicated information is either or how to proceed.

I hate to just ask questions but why did you have a PR after less than five years?

Also . . . @dh3answer . . . I’ve never heard of an “exception” . . . Can you explain?

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I don’t think that they have any PM system in place here. I can be found on a giant social media site pretty easily. Just understand that I don’t always pay attention to messages there. Let me know here if you reach out there and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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Exceptions to security standards (ex. ICD). For example, if you have foreign associations, you can still be granted a clearance with exception to ICD 704.

As I understand it, if you have foreign associations, you can get cleared if you mitigate the issue as outlined in the guidelines. Then you are granted a clearance. Not a “clearance with exceptions”.

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You may be correct and it may vary by office but this is what I’ve been told by my agency when I got my initial clearance. It was granted with an “exception”.

Check out SEAD-7 Section 2 under Policy, it mentions the exception.

Perhaps someone else will chime in here but I have never seen this in use for anyone that I have communicated with. I expect that these are mostly used at the political level or for some very advanced tech people.

Couple of good reads regarding reciprocity and exceptions: