Crossover failed due to unajudicated info

Recently was told my crossover failed due to unajudicated information. Does that mean all future attempts at a crossover will fail?

Probably. In cases like this the individual needs to find a sponsor (government or contractor) who will basically be willing to start all over from scratch. In the few cases I’ve encountered (fortunately not myself directly) that’s pretty much what had to happen. And in at least one of those cases, I don’t think the guy ever did find out what the “unadjudicated information” or “incident” was all about.

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That is what happened to me. Worked 7 years and then went to change jobs and my FSP would not transfer because of unadjudicated information. I never did find out what happened. I had to find a sponsor and after 6 months I finally found a sponsor. The clearance process took 10 months to complete. I have been working for 2 months now.


I’m currently employed and eas just looking for somthing new. Should i just stay put and not jeopardize things? I honestly don’t know what the info is, and reported any and all required changes. And looking at my clearence.portal at work looks like I’m CE and they did do a check in 2022 and all was fine.

This sounds rough, especially that they are not really explaining what the issue is. But I also don’t understand how this works with switching jobs. In other words, if you stay put and not make any changes, you are still OK for your clearance even with that information out there? This is very confusing.

Was it one IC agency to another?

Yes that is what happened to one guy I know; he was put in for a higher clearance but withdrew his application when it appeared things were going sideways. He still had his secret clearance at that company. He got a job with another place, said he had an active clearance and their FSO was able to verify it, but after he got there and they actually submitted his name, that’s when the “unadjudicated info” popped up.

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For me it was the same agency. I got offered 150k so I took it but then lost it when my FSP would not crossover.

Why would poly not cross over?

Why would a poly not cross over? Who knows. I’m not sure that all the efforts at “reciprocity” extend to polygraphs. I think more agencies do share/recognize polygraph exams than before, but I’m sure they all “reserve the right” to insist a new one.

I’m pretty sure that all polygraph examiners go to the same school at Ft. Jackson SC (the National Center for Credibility Assessment or something) but I suspect they go through their own agency-unique certification process afterwards.

For me I do not know why it would not crossover. I never did find out. The customer would not tell me or my company.

Do you think I still be able to apply for jobs that don’t require an FSP, just a TS/SCI? Reason i ask is jist got a new offer and explained the situation and they said to go ahead and sign cause you never know and if anything they have other position that don’t require the FSP.

For me I was able to get a job at the TS/SCI CI level but they used an older Background and FS poly that did not have the unadjudicated information. Once the new FSP came through I put in my two notice and started the new FSP job. That process took 10 months from the day I submitted the SF86 to the phone call saying that I had been cleared.