TS/SCI FSP Crossover denied due to unadjudicated info

I was actively working using TS/SCI FSP clearance. I was removed due to password policy violation last year. I am unable to crossover within the same agency since now there is unadjudicated case on my file due to this incident. I am told I should be file as "initial ".
I have the following questions:-

Should I be able to successfully crossover in different agency where TS or TS/SCI or TS/SCI CI poly is used or the unadjudicated information on my clearance will not the crossover?

I have a sponsor who is ready file initial clearance. If I get successfully crossed over to a different agency , will that cause a delay in the process of initial clearance?

What is the level of clearance I can use to get a job at this point ?

Any info/guidance is much appreciated.

I have only known of two people in this situation, but in both cases they were unable to get ANY kind of security clearance until the information was adjudicated and that took a couple of years in one case.

PS this was a few years back when everything was taking a couple years, maybe faster now.

I was in the same situation. I did not have the password issue. I was able to get a job at the TS/SCI CI Level. They used an older background investigation that did not have the unadjudicated information. I got a sponsor for an initial Full Scope so I am waiting on that while I work at the CI level. It can be done.

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thank you so much for your response. That seems like some positivity to me. May I ask if you know your Initial TS/SCI FSP processing will be affected by the fact that your clearance owner is the different agency with TS/SCI CI poly. That is my concern. Also, how long ago did you file your initial. Some people say it only takes 3 months. So I am confused whether I should wait for 3 months and take uncleared job or try to cross over to TS/SCI CI poly. Any guidance from you is very very big help to me in make some big decisions. Please help if you can.

I was told that the FSP processing will not be effected. I had the same concerns as you and I asked that exact question. I was told just as long as they do a crossover for the CI and do not do a initial CI you will be ok. My CI crossover was done on less than a week. I filled for my initial FSP about 2 months ago. I was told that the initial FSP would take 6 months to a year to complete. That is why I went ahead and got a job while I waited. I am not a security person and maybe I got lucky on this one.

Any updates? I got my FSP this month. Here is my timeline. A total of 10 months to the day. On a side note the first FSP also took 10 months to the day.

Submitted SF86 in September of 22 for a contractor position.

Talked to the Background Investigator in January of 23

Took FSP in January of 23 (only needed 1 session and it only lasted 2 1/2 hours)

Took the medical/mental heath screening in May of 23

Received final adjudication in July of 23.

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Congratulations. No movement in my case. The last action was in April 2023 bout approving my fingerprints.

Best of luck.

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