Crypto trading 2017 2018

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Thank you for you time and clarification you can provide. :pray:

Keeping it brief , I did lot of crypto trading some where more than 6 figure back or little more in 2017 2018 , and paid all the taxes to IRS federal and state , this involved trading in coinbase , binance , and other exchanges and trading alt coins , basically was riding the wave in 2017 and 2018 to make the most of it.

As of now I do not hold any crypto and looking forward to invest some in future, reading some posts in forum got me confused that this might hamper getting a clearance.

Please chime your valuable two cents , this can help me along the way.
I intend to disclose all the information in the clearance application.


Is there a question here? I don’t see it.

legally trading cryptocurrency itself is not an issue during your BI.

Thank you for your response. :pray:

u can trade all u want. i used many foreign exchanges to trade. literally disclosed to my background investigator and they said the question doesnt apply. told security office as well, never received response.

Thank you very much ugo5ic46 :pray: