Binance and VPN?

DH is applying for security clearance and we just remembered we have a Binance account for crypto, and it’s still under the Chinese Binance. We did not move it to US Binance unfortunately. Now we are worried. It’s about $300 and we want to know if we need to disclose it, since it’s crypto. He also used a VPN to access it. Does any of this need to be disclosed? Will it affect anything? He is new to all of this and we are not sure how to proceed. Thank you!

Bitcoin backed by a Chinese firm? You had better disclose that.


It appears that this account should be disclosed at block 20A.1 of Standard Form 86:

The fact that he used a VPN to access this account is irrelevant and does not need to be disclosed.


Yes for sure we will, thank you. Do you think this will hurt his chances? Again, this is our first rodeo. He is pretty clean otherwise (I think), so anything like this really worries us.

This should not hurt him as long as it is declared on the SF 86 (eQip/eApp).

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Definitely report. Lots of cross pollination in foreign stocks as well when part of a mutual fund. Always best to report.

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