CV does is replace the BI

Enrolled in CV august of 2022. Was told no investigator will meet with me unless something flags. Last time i meet with investigator was 2014. IN process now of crossover was told they can not see the CV all they see is my last BI in 2014. Also had my last poly in Jan 22 they can see that.

Hey @1967, thanks for the post. I am also experiencing something similar. My last BI date is 2013 and I was put into CE program in 2019. I have had one company already recently tell me that since my BI date is 2013, and just over the 10 yr mark, my clearance is essentially no good right now. This is despite the fact they know I was entered in the CE program. It sounds like those entered in CE are having issues like this. Not good for us or the companies wanting to hire us.